Enough Is Enough

I’ve discovered that Tesainscobury import there fruit and and veg from Lilliput. They would have opted for the rights to the meat produce, but unfortunately the Lilipudlians couldn’t guarantee the quantities required in the time frame they were given. 
As an example, let’s look at your lemon and your bulb of garlic! Now you folk out there that cook will understand my angst. Market stall man comes to my town once a week and sells lemons that look like lemons and garlic that has cloves bigger than what Tesaincobury sells, and on top of that they are cheaper. 
Take one clove of garlic, or bulb, depending on where you bought said item. Likewise your lemon, either juice of a whole or a tablespoon?
I don’t want convenience anymore, it’s not convenient! I want to hear market stall man shouting out how sexy his plums look or how ripe the bananas are today. I’m fed up with miniature veg that lack flavour, and when I’m buying a jacket potato, I want one with a jacket!

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